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Anitta shows new tattoo with family constellation symbol. Image: Reproduction.

Anitta disappointed some of her followers by showing a new tattoo inspired by the family constellation. On social media, the singer revealed the design and shared how this alternative approach has positively transformed her life.

“The tattoo I recently got represents the family constellation, a therapy that has been essential for my happiness and inner peace, as well as helping me understand life’s nuances better”, explained Anitta, acknowledging that this practice is not universally accepted. “Each person has their own journey, don’t they? What works for one may not work for another.”

“In this symbol, which resembles a genealogical tree, I am at the center with a character that symbolizes the love I carry within me. Around me are my parents and the stars represent other family members in the constellation”, explained the singer.

“It can also symbolize the integration of twin souls, brothers who should be present but are not, and by integrating them in my heart, I live a fuller and more harmonious life. I have felt a lot of happiness and tranquility lately, trusting in the universe and destiny. This tattoo has a deep meaning for me”, concluded

This is not the first time Anitta has spoken about family constellation. Previously, she was criticized for addressing this practice. In an interview with Marie Claire, the singer discussed her self-discovery process, including reading human design.

“It’s a technique that reveals my personal profile, identifying me as a great potential manifestor. The professional guided me on the challenge of taking a unique path, without the conventional support of people. It’s a solitary journey, but I must always remember my purpose and maintain my confidence in myself”, shared on the occasion.

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